8 Bond Street New York,
NY 10012
Phone: + 646.407.2144

About Moeller Snow Art Gallery

The Moeller Snow Gallery features intriguing exhibits from the extremely talented contemporary artists namely; Max Snow, Joseph Heidecker, Secundino Hernandez, Kika Karadi, Keith Farquhar, Christopher Brooks, Jamie Diamond and Jani Leinonen. Guests could not help but stay in awe with Max Snow's "It's Fun to do bad Things", Phantasmagorical and all the other exhibits showcased in this art gallery. Located at 8 Bond Street New York, the Moeller Snow Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday at 11am to 7pm. Not only does this gallery show art exhibits, it has also served as a regular hub for artisans and art enthusiasts.

Artists at Moeller Snow Gallery:
Christopher Brooks, Jamie Diamond, Keith Farquhar, Joseph Heidecker, Secundino Hernàndez, Kika Karadi, Jani Leinonen, Max Snow

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